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"Estos muchachos son geniales, no solo tienen algunas de las mejores bicicletas del mundo, sino que saben exactamente de lo que son capaces estas máquinas y pueden guiarte en la dirección correcta. ¡Gracias!"

Steve Bogle


About Mellow Velo

Elegance, style, history, and quality are some of the words we choose to describe ourselves and our work.

Mellow Velo is an independent bicycle dealer in the heart of downtown Santa Fe and has been operating in Santa Fe since 2005. We are located at the foot of the Santa Fe National Forest (just a 20 minute pedal to the Dale Ball trails), and moments from the Santa Fe Plaza. We are surrounded by numerous historic places and Mellow Velo is an excellent jumping off point to go explore Santa Fe!


We take pride in offering a number of premium and entry level bikes for sale. Every bike we choose to carry is of the highest quality and we have bikes to suit even the most demanding clients. We always have an excellent selection of bikes pre-assembled on the floor, but if you're looking for something more special we can source and spec most any bike to meet your needs. We are also one of the only bike shops in New Mexico that offers handmade Italian and American frames from historic frame manufacturers.

We proudly offer the finest bicycles in the industry from Santa Cruz, Orbea, BMC, Pivot, Ibis, Salsa, Bianchi, Moots, Cinelli, Tommasini to name a few. We have a wide selection of pedal assist E-Bikes in every different shape and style as well. Another facet of our business we take immense pride in is our custom specced bikes made to customer needs. We work with our clients each step of the way to ensure that every bike that leaves our shop fits properly, works exactly as designed, and that you have all the information you need to enjoy your new bike!


Our service department is known throughout the southwest as being one of the shops with the highest level of quality. We ensure that every bike that lands on our stand is treated with the utmost attention to detail and serviced exactly to your expectations. If we encounter an issue that we didn’t anticipate, we will always reach out to you and verify that you are ok with the service. We are a full service shop and can fix nearly any issue in a timely manner. We also offer our services for vintage bikes or other rare heritage bikes you may have.


Aside from our world class bike sales and service department, we also offer premium bike rentals. We can accommodate almost any need whether you need a bike just for the afternoon or want to get your whole family riding for a week. We provide premium road bikes, premium mountain bikes, or even e-bikes if you want a little more assistance. We are all avid bike enthusiasts and can provide info relating to current trail conditions and also the best places to go pedaling. 


Whether riding in the high country, or having adventures on bike paths and cycle ways, choosing the right bike can be a challenge. Handlebar shape and material, the saddle's height, the contour of a grip or the tread of a tire can be critical to the pleasure and safety of your bike. We LOVE nice bicycles - but we're not snobs. We are happy to help you fix an old vintage bike or the most modern bicycle available.


Give us a call or better yet come down to the shop. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have whether they are about a bike service, new bike for a loved one, or you simply want to chat about anything cycle related!


Reach us at (505) 982-8986,, or come by the shop at 132 E. Marcy St. in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Who is Mellow Velo?


David Bell

"Owner/El Jefe"

So hard to write a bio - I tend to want to let the shop speak for itself- and attract the people who find it attractive. I grew up in Jersey, a 10 minute bus ride to NYC, and yet a 10 minute bike ride from forests and fish-filled streams and ponds. I grew up fortunate to balance the speed and demands of New York City, and the peaceful moments on a cliff overlooking the same city. I stand on the shoulders of many people who have taught me what to do, and have helped me curate my own taste since starting in the bike biz in ‘86. Gary taught me how to be sincere and clear, Frank taught me how to encourage people to get what they want, Bill taught me how to ride rollers and sold me my first pair of bibs when I was 13, Don taught me to read something good every morning when I wake up, Lloyd taught about being a leader, and Greg taught me the Masi Method method of bike fitting. I am a mountain biker, and yet, very much a roadie - and that’s why when you ask me, “are you going for a mountain bike ride or a road ride?” I will often say, “yes.” Santa Fe has so generously made a seat at the dinner table for me and my bicycle ideas - I am so grateful to this community. With technology, we are growing outside of our intimate radius, and I am excited to share our process and products with you.

Current Bike: Prototype Mellow Velo Gravel - Campagnolo, of course


Favorite Ride: Anywhere with Tracy

Favorite Drink: Silver Coin at Tesuque Village Market

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Rawson Adams

"Bike and Accessories Extraordinaire"

Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio and moved to Santa fe in 2005. First started coming to Mellow Velo in 2007 to get help with his first fixed gear convirsion on a Shwinn 1970 LeTour which he still own! Has worked full time for Mellow Velo since 2013. Now enjoys mostly road and gravel riding. 

Favorite Bike: BMC Roadmachine 01 two 58cm Dura-Ace Di2

Favorite Ride: Santa Fe Ski Basin either on pavement or Pacheco Canyon Road

Favorite Drink: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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Alex Gibson

"Service Department Manager"

Born and raised in the Bay Area and moved to Santa Fe in 2020. Started working on bikes as manager of Pomona College Green Bike Shop in 2006 and has been working in the industry since. Avid cycling enthusiast that does every kind of cycling out there but finds true bliss ripping singletrack in the forest. Knows more about Japanese history than you. Takes pride in attention to detail and talking about hopes and dreams. 

Current Bike: Transition Scout (Still believes in 27.5)

Favorite Ride: Nambe Badlands

Favorite Drink: Topo Chico 

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Jonah Boudreau

"Bike and Accessories Specialist"

Born in Santa Fe and grew up and lives in Chimayo. Would describe himself as a bikepacker and enjoys some singletrack here and there. Has been working in the industry for 2 years. Has seen That 70's Show more than 10 times. Can play 9 instruments. Backpacking and alpine treks are some of his main passions besides biking.

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Chameleon Al w/ upgraded everything

Favorite Ride: Hermosa Creek Trail in Durango

Favorite Drink: Mellow Velo's world famous coffee


DeArmond Lopez

"Web Design, Photography, Bike Mechanic"

Born and raised in Albuquerque, DeArmond has been traveling New Mexico and taking pictures of its stunning scenery. Primarily a bikepacker/adventure rider. Doesn't believe in bike rides less than 40 miles. 

Current Bike: Fully loaded Salsa Ti Timberjack w/ Whiskey carbon fork

Favorite Ride: The Forgotten Valleys Bikepacking Route

Favorite Drink: Kraken rum and Coke 

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Shawn Hadlock

"E-Bike Specialist, Bike Mechanic"

Grew up in Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Started off skateboarding and bmx riding then transitioned into mountain biking. Super knowledgeable about anything action sports related. Been working on bikes since 2006. 

Current Bike: Orbea Occam

Favorite Ride: Angel Fire and bike park trails

Favorite Drink: India Pale Ale


Pedro Murga

"Bike Mechanic, Sales"

Moved to Santa Fe in 2007 from El Paso and Juarez. Been wrenching on bikes for 18 years non stop. Been riding mountain bikes for years. Enjoys an occasional gravel ride. Enjoys helping people. 

Current Bike: Pivot Mach 4 SL and NS gravel bike

Favorite Ride: South Dale Ball to Atalaya

Favorite Drink: Ice cold Mexican Coca-Cola


Rob Alan

"New Bike Assemblies"

Born in Bishop California and lived there 52 years. Spent four years in Hawaii where he fell in love with cycling. Has been cycling for about 32 years and been wrenching on bikes since 1991. Primarily a gravel rider but has done every flavor of cycling since he started. Aside from cycling, he's a die hard musician/aficionado and really well versed in computers. Also likes good literature and cuisine. ​


Current Bike: Black Mountain Cycles MCD, 2004 Merlin Fortius, and a 1987 Fat Chance Kicker

Favorite Ride: Annadale State Park in Santa Rosa, CA

Favorite Drink: Absinthe and coke


Joshua Gordon

"Bike Mechanic, New Bike Specialist"

Born and raised in Houston Texas and has been living in New Mexico since 2020. Started with BMX and mostly does all mountain riding. Has been working on bikes since 2003 and has been loving it ever since. Proud father. Built his own mini forge and has made knives from scratch.

Current Bike: Chromag Stylus

Favorite Ride: Lost Lake in Red River, Doctors Park in Crested Butte

Favorite Drink: Mellow Velo's world famous coffee

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Bill Gould

"Bike Mechanic"

Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, has been living in Santa Fe for 35 years. Has been working on bikes for 30 years and has no plan to stop. Besides mountain biking, Bill is an avid hiker and fisherman. Favorite fish to eat is a wild caught trout. 

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Hightower

Favorite Ride: Winsor Trail, starting right from the house

Favorite Drink: Mellow Velo's world famous coffee


Todd Baribault

"Suspension Specialist, Mechanic"

Raised in Vermont with family still there. Moved to Santa Fe a year ago from the Bay area. Has been working on a bike since he was a kid and started professionally in college. Started as a road cyclist and since transitioned to a full-blooded mountain biker. Believes suspension is integral to how a modern bike rides and takes the extra steps to ensure it's perfect for you. Besides bikes, he's an avid fly fisherman a fan of the NY Knicks.

Current Bike: Banshee Paradox

Favorite Ride: Glorieta Bike Park

Favorite Drink: Any La Cumbre Beer


Brent Soloway

"Mechanic, Tire Repair Specialist"

Born and raised in Santa Fe. Was in the Peace Corps in Myanmar as an English teacher. Has been riding bikes since he was fifteen and hasn't stopped since. He's torn between road cycling and mountain riding. Besides biking, he's into rock climbing, scuba diving, motocross, skiing, and backpacking. 

Current Bike: Trek 2100 90's era carbon frame

Favorite Ride: Rhinoceros Loop in Apache Canyon

Favorite Drink: Rumchata and Fireball

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Stu Pendleton

"Seasonal Sales & Mechanic"

Born in Northern Illinois, Stu has been living in Santa Fe for 35 years. He destroyed his first banana seat bike in 1974 and has been a BMX rider since the early 80's. Stu is one of the finest mountain biker in New Mexico and also a bikepacker. Aside from cycling, Stu is a full time elementary school teacher and father to an awesome 23 year old. 

Current Bike: Pivot Mach 4 SL

Favorite Ride: Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop

Favorite Drink: Elevated IPA