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"Tuvimos una gran experiencia en Mellow Velo. Me ayudaron a ajustar mi suspensión y tuvieron excelentes recomendaciones de senderos mientras estábamos de visita".

Brenna Zumbro

What is an E-Bike?

 An e-bike is configured the same as a road, gravel, or mountain bike but differs in the fact that they are designed around a pedal-assist motor. The motors are designed to engage only when it detects the user pedaling. This is known as pedal-assist. While throttle based e-bikes are an option, we always recommend a pedal assist because the bike is safer to operate and it mimics a traditional bike ride feel.

Mellow Velo Ebike
Mellow Velo Electric Bikes

Frame Material?

The materials commonly seen on e-bikes are going to be aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum will be at a lower price point but will add a significant amount of weight to the bike. Aluminum is a good option for those wanting an e-bike at a more affordable starting point. A carbon frame will reduce the overall weight and add a snappiness that is only felt on carbon bikes.


 There is some unique technology that goes into the e-bikes we carry. The most important piece of technology is going to be the motor system. There are two main types of motors available; center driven or hub driven. A center driven e-bike motor will be more balanced than hub driven and generally has a more efficient power management system. Hub driven motors are usually found at a cheaper price point but still work excellent depending on specific use.


Hub driven motors are usually found on commuter or lower price point models while the center driven motors are usually found on flagship e-bikes and also full suspension e-bikes.

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E-bikes are best suited for riders who may have taken an extended hiatus from bike riding and now want to get back into the sport. E-bikes allow these kinds of users to restart their bike journey without working too hard to pedal uphill! They are fantastic for people who commute to work, want affordable and eco-friendly transportation, or someone who wants to hit the trail and have a fun time without getting too winded.

Mellow Velo Cruiser Bike

Price Points?

Our e-bikes are starting around $2200 and go up from there depending on frame material, components, mountain or road bike, etc.

Mellow Velo Orbea


Same as any other bike fit.

Mellow Velo Orbea Gain

Who is this for?

 E-bikes are suited for any kind of cyclist that isn’t a suffer junky! They are now found in every configuration (road, gravel, mountain, city, etc) and at a price point that continues to become more affordable. The only people who don’t need an e-bike are competitive cyclists and ultra-distance riders (charging the battery is the main issue).

Mellow Velo Santa Cruz Ebike

The Next Step

If you are interested in knowing more about the bikes we carry, specific models, availability, or test riding our sale bikes feel free to contact us or come to the shop! We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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