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The Basque Country of Spain holds many secrets. One of their greatest being a bicycle manufacturer of the highest quality, one that goes back to the first days of cycling. The brand has been making bicycles since 1840, before making bicycles they cut steel tubes into gunbarrels and molded it into typewriters. When the bicycle was invented, they decided to clear a corner to start cutting and welding their steel into the shapes of early frame sets. 

    They've earned a reputation in the long run, making many brave splashes in the industry and refining their process to make the highest quality equipment. After 160 years of refinement, we feel confident in saying that they have achieved that goal, and currently lay up some of the most practically artful designs in the road, gravel, and mountain worlds year after year. They offer Spanish ingenuity through their design that will surprise and intrigue you the closer you look at it.

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The Next Step

If you are interested in knowing more about the bikes we carry, specific models, availability, or test riding our sale bikes feel free to contact us or come to the shop! We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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