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Mellow velo adventure city bikes new mexico

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Jimmy Johnson

What is an Adventure or City Bike?

An adventure bike is a bike designed to take you on adventures around town or around the world. They are going to have the most comfortable ergonomics and are specifically designed for being on the saddle all day. There are several different styles to choose from.


For a shorter ride or anything casual, a city cruiser is going to be a very good choice. They have a very upright seating position and are designed to be the most comfortable bike possible. For rides less than 10 miles a city cruiser is going to be the best bang for your buck.


For rides longer than 10 miles there are certain adventure geometries out there that are still based around a super comfortable riding experience. A gravel bike, hardtail mountain bike, or even a simple cruiser can be modified to be able to ride for any distance desired while maintaining optimum comfort.

Mellow Velo Belt driven bike

Frame Material?

Frame material tends to be a secondary choice when it comes to adventure and city bikes. Aluminum is still the most popular because the frames are durable and start at a much more affordable price point. If maximum comfort is your goal, a steel or carbon bike might actually be a better option.


Steel has a natural flexibility that becomes noticeable after a long ride. The downside is extra weight. Carbon is the most premium option because it is a very light and strong material but actually offers a fair amount of give. Carbon frames are known for reducing chatter when the trail or road gets a little bumpy. The penalty with carbon is its price point.

Mellow Velo Carbon Mountain Bike
Mellow Velo Adventure


A proper adventure or city bike is designed to be as simple as possible and the maintenance as easy as possible. While some competition bikes are based around top of the line components and exotic materials, adventure and city bikes keep things minimal. These bikes are generally specced with mid tier components. The reasoning for this is that they are more accessible and can generally take a thrashing and can withstand some abuse.

The most flashy pieces of technology you might encounter for these kinds of bikes would be a belt driven drivetrain, internal gear systems, and possibly a dynamo hub for the serious adventure junky. 

Price Points?

These are generally the best options for anyone who wants to start pedaling on a budget. A solid bike of this variant can start around $600 and go up from there. If you are just cruising around the town and not doing anything too strenuous, a bike at a cheaper price point will suit you well. If you are looking to do a much longer adventure, any bike will work for you as long as it’s been serviced properly. People have ridden around the world on thrift store bikes and also bikes that cost as much as a car. The possibilities are endless for adventure.


The fit for a city or adventure bike will be the same as any other bike. One thing to consider if going on an extended adventure is that a proper bike fitting will go very far. Small adjustments of your saddle, handlebar height, and grip position can greatly affect ride comfort especially if you are riding day after day.

Mellow Velo The Motivator


These are great options for anyone who needs to commute around the neighborhood, around the city, around the country, and around the world. With a simple and reliable platform, one can enter the world of cycling and have a bike that is excellent to start with.

Mellow Velo Gravel Adventure

Who is this for?

These bikes are best for anyone whose priority is ride comfort.

Mellow Velo Bike Selection

The Next Step

If you are interested in knowing more about the bikes we carry, specific models, availability, or test riding our sale bikes feel free to contact us or come to the shop! We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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