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"¡Gran tienda de bicicletas! El servicio fue oportuno, los tipos se relajaron e hicieron un gran trabajo con mi camionero. Ella no ha montado tan bien en años. ¡Gracias!"

Joel Rudolph

Santa Fe / New Mexico Trail Recommendations

Here in Santa Fe we have a lot of things to be grateful for. Good Chile, Piñon Coffee, Breakfast Burritos… The list goes on. But the greatest perk of all some could certainly say would be the expansive networks of trail systems that surround the hills and valleys of the city. In every direction there are trails of all skill levels to be appreciated. 


Throughout the foothills single track has been cleverly and creatively carved in slithering shapes. They fall all the way from the top of the Sangre De Christo Peaks down through the trees. You can watch the mossy pines and aspens change to stout juniper and piñon, and the granite turn to sandstone in front of your own eyes on many rides here. There is every kind of terrain surrounding us, just get out and start exploring!

Road Routes

Although the road cycling routes are harder to find, here is a small collection of local favorite road rides. If you aren't scared of a little bit of climbing, the Santa Fe Scenic Byway via Artist Road is a classic in town. It offers great climbing, stunning views of aspen groves and Santa Fe vistas, and a stunning descent back into town. This ride can actually be started right here at Mellow Velo.


If you're curious about more recommendations, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect route!


Santa Fe Bikeways and Trails 2021 PDF

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