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Road bikes are specifically designed to ride around roads, bikeways and in competitive road cycling events. They are among the most efficient bicycles on the market today and offer a huge range of price points to start with.


Gravel bikes are a fast growing segment in the cycling industry. The main difference between dedicated road cycles and gravel cycles is that gravel bikes accept larger sized tires and are generally a little bit more rugged.


The benefits of the bigger tires and rugged frame is that they are designed to ride dirt and gravel roads more efficiently than any other kind of bike. They are very popular with long distance dirt road cyclists, road cyclists who want to ride away from traffic, and also bike touring enthusiasts who want an efficient and comfortable bike that is capable of handling any kind of road condition.



"In 1840 our forebearers, the Orbea Brothers, opened a small workshop in the heart of Basque Country in Eibar. With relentless work and ambition, the workshop grew to become the first factory in a city eventually dedicated to industry.

Over time, the factory became a leader amongst it's peers, pioneering many innovative products and manufacturing procedures. Since that time we've maintained the innovative spirit of the Eibar factory, constantly adapting our products for our customers. When guns were no longer the business of Orbea, we used our innate knowledge of steel tubing to build bicycles of all types, from the premium to the most basic.

The cycle of progress never ends with our team of passionate individuals and champions who constantly innovate and adapt to the changing marketplace and rider needs. the best of Orbea is always in our work, and because of it we are always seeking new ways to improve and make the best bicycles on Earth."

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"Guerciotti is an historical company in the cycling business, who is getting ready to celebrate the 50 years anniversary. A compelling story started on 1964 when Italo, noted and expert cyclocross rider, decided with his brother Paolo to open a small show of 20 square meters for the selling and maintenance of bicycles in Via Petrella 4 in Milan.



It is always Italo to transmit the cycling passion to Paolo who in the 1961 begins to ride revealing immediately competitive and successful and than to dedicate his activity exclusively in the cyclocross, riding the world championships in Saccolongo on 1979.


In the meantime the shops becomes too small for the many customers. So Paolo Guerciotti decides to expand the shop opening a new one in corso Buenos Aires. In the 1975, thanks to the commercial success the two brothers decide to expand it again in Via Tamagno."